The Event:

Every summer since 1994, the NWVV organizes three big beach volleyball tournaments. In 2023 they are taking place three weekends of July (first on 07.-09.) on the island of Borkum. The tournaments are open for every one of Germany and the European foreign countries and for every power rating. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, the helpers of the NWVV are preparing for you a wide breakfast, so you are fit for the coming matches. Friday and Saturday evening, you can get some food and drinks at our marquee directly at the beach, where also DJ Thorsten is going to perform to complete the party.

How do you get on the island?

You can easily get there with the fairy from Eemshaven (55min) or Emden (2,5h). If you are going to take the fairy from Eemshaven, we are going to send you a subscription warrant with whom you are allowed to buy your fairy ticket at a reduced price. Please refrain from bringing your car with you, since it is too expensive and not really necessary. At the harbor are waiting lorries for you, who are going to bring your luggage to the beach. The narrow-gauge railway is taking you for free to the center from where it’s only ten minutes to the beach.

Please try to arrive until Friday, so we can start at nine o’clock on Saturday to put up the fields.

Where do you sleep?

During the weekends, from Friday to Sunday, the participants are sleeping in their self-brought tents at the beach. Sleeping at the beach in the tents is only allowed at the weekends, so if you want to spend longer then Sunday or you want to play on two weekends, you have to find another possibility to sleep.

What does it cost?

Per every weekend and person the attendance fee is 45€. The tournaments costs are 60€ plus a bail of 50€. The NWVV takes the costs for your overnight stay at the beach, for the beach parties, for the breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, your drink supply during the tournaments and your luggage transport.

If you have any further questions, write an e-mail to or !

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